Toronto — Day 1

I’ve been awake since 4AM, and now I’m writing this from another timezone in another country.

The plane ride was longer than I’m used to, but relatively uneventful. I slept through about 3.5 of the 5-ish hour flight. The rest of the time I spent scrolling through the available movies, reading on my kindle, and staring through the window, wondering in the back of my mind just how far I was really traveling.

I don’t know that I ever came to a full realization of how far I was while I was on the plane. Even while I’m sitting in my Airbnb, it doesn’t feel like I’m so far.

We’re staying in the western part of Toronto, our plan primarily being to stick to the span of Bloor Street that lies between Ossington and Yorkville. So far, the plan is to walk everywhere, since I’m not old enough to rent a car and I’ve spent more than enough money on the flight here.

I already got lost on the subway, getting off several stations too early before scrambling to get back on the right line.

The house I’m in is old. Our host is out of town for the weekend, but there are four rooms in this three-story house that are all currently occupied by different people coming to visit the same place on their own agendas.

I haven’t had the chance to talk to any of them, save the man I ran into as he was coming up the very narrow stairs from the bathroom. He’s our most immediate neighbor in room D while we’re in room C (for Celyn!).

The floors creak when I walk, and 70% of this house is stairs and doors. It’s an old house, according to our host, and I can tell. But all of the houses on the street we’re staying at are like this, so I wonder how old this little suburb area is.

I didn’t do my research before booking the flight. My first international trip, and I really only came here on a mission of music and fulfilling one more thing on my long list of things to accomplish this year.

There hasn’t been much of a chance to explore the city, yet. Between the flight landing in the early afternoon and the long adventure of getting lost on the subway system, there was really only time to go get dinner, grab some water to drink during our stay and then walk back home.

Toronto feels like an old city. It’s crowded, with the people sharing the sidewalk with the trash and the daily life of the businesses. I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere, but it’s like this in Koreatown.

We stopped and ate at Sunrise House — I have no pictures, only a gurgly stomach full of spicy squid and rice.

I’ll see if I can take any more photos tomorrow. For now, it’s time to unwind and gear myself up for the day ahead.

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