The NyQuil Experience

I got sick the other day. Sick enough that I had to text my boss to call off work, and bad enough that one of my friends came and brought me a box of DayQuil and NyQuil to try and get me through the day.

Most of the day passed by with me passed out in bed, waking only when my stomach grumbled to go to the bathroom or for food.

After I showered and tried to eat some food at the end of the night, I grabbed a dose of gel-form NyQuil.

Feeling slightly less nauseous and like I had a little more control over my limbs, I tried to get through some casual reading (if you’re fans of Welcome to Night Vale, It Devours! is a pretty fun read).

But that’s when it hit me.

It started as a heaviness in the eyes, an aching kind of tiredness. I thought — oh, how strange.

Before I knew it, it progressed to a dense and heavy fuzziness of my bones and I was slumped over in my bed against my headboard. I couldn’t feel most of myself, only the heaviness. There were no more small itches and discomforts in the smallest bits of me; no itchy ankle, no twitchy toe. There was only the darkness of the night trying to wrap me up and take me away.

When I woke up, I was as shaky and unsteady as a newborn deer. But at least I didn’t have a pounding headache that threatened to make me hurl.

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